Nadi on Thursday Evening

Our team has delivered the bees to Vanua Levu. The van was met by Chuck’s truck and the bees were transferred and transported this afternoon the rest of the way to Lambasa to Chuck’s farm. Chuck called to say he set them up and the bees are already sending out scouts. Very good sign.

Chuck and I have been talking about how the bees and the equipment will be used to advance the Kingdom of God on Vanua Levu Island. We have some solid plans that we will flesh out over the next several weeks. This is exciting as the possibilities are quite good. The area where we are staging this is largely populated by Indians, many of whom are Muslim. What an opportunity

The team is on the ferry from Savusavu to Viti Levu and should arrive in Nadi around noon tomorrow. We have a full day of beekeeping business on Saturday. We will be extracting honey from the hives belonging to one of the farmers we have been working with. There should be a number of beekeepers involved in the process and learning how to do this task in the right way. On Sunday afternoon we plan to retrieve a wild bee hive that is in a teacher’s home in a nearby school. Again, there should be several beekeepers involved and being trained. If we can get the queen and most of the brood and other bees and put them int a beebox, it is the same as earning $375F, the cost of a new hive. Also swarms tend to be among the most healthy and productive bees.

I am beginning to feel more like myself again. Still have 3 days of antibiotics to take for the UTI, but the pain is gone and the nausea I’ve been experiencing from the antibiotics went away today.

Thanks for your continued prayers as we wrap up this trip.