Lovo in Nadi on Sunday

Saturday the team drove to Nakorokula Village to the farm of Josefa Gavidi where we inspected his 10 hives and extracted honey.  Josefa and his wife were delighted to see us.  They’ve had their hives for a little over a year and had not yet extracted any honey.  The hives were nuclear hives, which meant they were purchased with only about 10-15 thousand bees and 5 hives of brood in a single box.  It takes at least 6 months for the hives to build up enough strength to begin to produce honey.  Then, under good circumstances, it takes about 6 months from that time for enough honey to be stored to warrant extraction.

We were only able to take 8 frames of honey from two of the ten hives, but we did extract about 12 kilos of really good tasting, light honey.  This means the location is good for foraging and that as the other hives gain strength, Josefa should be able to look forward to great production of high quality honey.  He’s fortunate to not have a lot of cane sugar growing near his farm and to have several acres of mangrove, coconuts, guavas and mango trees.

Sunday we attended church in the morning.  It was Father’s Day in Fiji, so the service revolved around the role and responsibilities of dads.  Great service.

When we got back to George and Annie’s house, Aisake and George produced a lovo—think luau.  Chicken, fish and several root crops and other food packets are baked on hot rocks buried under banana leaves.  The process of getting the rocks hot takes longer than the time it takes for the food to cook.  The results are spectacularly great food.  We had a feast.

I went with George and Annie back to the church in the afternoon to conduct an hour Bible study.  We had a great time with about 20 adults present.  I taught on the Lord’s Prayer.  I mean my organization is Teach Us to Pray International.  We had a great time.

Tomorrow morning Aisake leaves for Savusavu.  Carl and I need to be at the airport by 6:00 p.m. to check in for our 925 p.m. flight to LAX.

This has been a very effective and profitable trip for the Kingdom of God.  Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement over this past month.  It has not been an easy trip, but nonetheless, God did great things and you were part of it all.