Hearts–From Teach Us To Pray Mexico

familyHappy month of love and friendship! I appreciate how Mexico includes more than just romantic love in the celebration of Feb. 14.

I am so thankful for my family and the love we share. God has blessed us greatly. We celebrated Valentine´s Day on Friday evening at the Oscars, hosted by the Puebla Christian School seniors. On Sunday we had some games for the kids, a craft, and a Bible story about friendship. After Abraham told the story of David and Jonathan´s friendship, he explained that Jesus is the perfect friend.

Abraham and I will have our Valentine´s date next Monday.

Speaking of hearts, we have a 20 something student in our English class that I have been especially praying for. A couple weeks ago he and his younger cousin were joking about how many scars he has from having had so many surgeries. Abraham asked him about the surgeries, and it turns out this young man has severe heart problems – he had six surgeries before the age of 3, and doctors would like him to have a heart transplant. However, since he is in decent health, he is not likely to get a transplant – there are others in much worse condition ahead of him.

Our infant nephew is also in need of heart surgery for a number of serious issues. When I first met him, I could see he was ill. He is milk white with blue around his eyes and lips, and he is very thin. Doctors, however, want to wait until he is at least three before operating. Why, I do not know.

Please pray for these two whose hearts are not what they should be. Pray also for the opening and renewing of hearts here in Huejo as we continue to tell of God´s love.