Medical Matters–Prayer Requested

I was supposed to leave for Fiji last Tuesday, 5-31-16 to deliver relief for victims of Typhoon Winston. However I have had to postpone that trip because of my wife’s illness.

I took her to her primary care doctor on the morning of the 31st. The doctor thought from the symptoms Judy was experience that she might have appendicitis. I had to take her to the ER for further evaluation because of how her insurance works. She was admitted to the hospital for a number of tests. The diagnosis was bacterial colitis. She was badly dehydrated, having lost 20 lb. in 3 weeks. She had not been able to keep anything down for the 30 hours prior to my taking her to the doctor. She has had severe hip and leg pain for the past 6 weeks and was due for a spinal block on June 7.

She had an MRI yesterday which revealed she has an extremely severe bulge in the L-4/L-5 area of her lower spine. In the doctor’s opinion this, and not the unusual curvature of her lower spine, is causing the pain in her hip and leg. She will have a nerve block injection in her spine in surgery tomorrow (Saturday) at 11 a.m. Pacific time, at Los Alamitos Hospital where she has been for the past 3 days. The procedure takes about 1/2 hour and then she is in recovery for up to 2 hours. If this blocks the pain, it is still only a temporary solution which might last up to 6 months, and if there are no complications, she should be released to return home either tomorrow evening or Sunday a.m.. If it increases the pain or does nothing to reduce the pain, a neurosurgeon will review the case and she will most likely be scheduled for surgery within a day or two to resolve the matter.

My trip to Fiji has been rescheduled for June 13 and will last for a little over 2 weeks.

Appreciate your prayers.