Fiji 2017 Day 5–Medical Outreach

This is the first day of our medical outreach in a rather remote Fijian village. While I don’t yet have all of the numbers, I am confident we provided care to at least 80 individuals, many of whom were Indian Hindus. We are showing them the love of Jesus in a very practical way, as we have been doing all around this lovely nation since 2004.

We wound up temporarily with 3 dentists on site. The ministry of health unexpectedly sent one of their dentists, a man who had been a student of our dentist, Dr. Reggie Jr. He had already done a few extractions by the time our team assembled. Jr. was much better equipped to carry on, so the other man assisted him for the remainder of the day. Jr. brought another dentist, a friend of his from Labasa town along as well. Both of them were steadily engaged in pulling teeth throughout the day.

At the end of the day I went in to see how they were doing and to let them know it was time to quit. Turns out Jr. had been working for a long time on a very difficult extraction of a rear molar. The tooth broke and he could not get the roots no matter what he tried. There is no x-ray, no way to do any of the things that would be routine in office in the city. As in past situations like this, I laid my hand on his shoulder and began to pray out loud that he would get the roots out successfully. Within a few seconds, one entire root came out. The other dentist took over and I prayed for him. A few minutes later the last root came out intact. God is good. Our dentist from past trips, Dr. Larry Rizzo will recognize this story.

I called Joyce and spoke with her briefly. Within seconds of hanging up, I began to experience an aural migraine. I’ve had these a couple of times some years back. This wasn’t as bad as the previous ones, but I immediately called Joyce back so she could pray with me. Within minutes the visual distortions stopped, though I was left a bit tired. Thank the Lord for swiftly answered prayers. So appreciate all of you who are praying

We will begin again tomorrow at 9 a.m. and anticipate another very good day serving as His hands extended. The team from Downey CA is doing a fantastic job helping with a variety of tasks, including giving out reading glasses.