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Fiji 2017 Day 6–Medical Outreach Continues

The test for people who cannot read is threading a needle.
The test for people who cannot read is threading a needle.
We’ve completed our second day of medical outreach. There has been a delay in getting a count on what we’ve accomplished as the paperwork got a bit messed up among the volunteers who are keeping track. By tomorrow everything should be worked out. I know we’ve served over 130 individuals. We’ve provided dental help to over 33 patients and have given out over 60 pairs of glasses. We’ve also had at least 22 people accept Christ as their Savior.

I would call that a very good couple of days work in the Kingdom. God is so very good.

My health today has been excellent. The brief episode yesterday with a visual migraine was dealt with through prayer. For those of you who don’t know, a visual migraine does not cause pain. It does produce a bit of fatigue. What it mainly does is create visual distortion. Yesterday’s episode I think was provoked by being slightly dehydrated and hot and in fairly bright sun without using my sunglasses. Appreciate all your prayers and expressed concern.

Tomorrow we start our beekeeping training. We moved another hive to the site this morning after we learned we would have 41 participants. The extra hive will allow more hands on experience for our trainees. By the end of the day we had 60 signed up. So we will also take an extra trainer with us.

We are working with the women’t group in the village, as I mentioned, because we have found that the women are highly motivated and very likely to succeed long-term.

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Thanks for making this ministry possible.