Fiji 2017: Kioia Island Days 1 & 2

This morning Aisake and I drove into Savusavu to buy the food supplies and the fuel we needed for our visit to Kioa Island. Kioa was devastated by hurricane Winston, the strongest hurricane to ever make landfall in the Pacific. That was over 18 months ago and the island, like many other places in Fiji, has yet to fully recover. Fiji does not have the resources or the resilience the U.S. has under similar circumstances. I brought fishing supplies and other relief aid to the island on my last visit and have brought more fishing gear this trip.
After making our purchases, we drove about ½ hours to one end of the island to meet a small boat that met us and brought us over to the island. We are staying with the same pastor we stayed with on my first trip. We were to meet the chief and make our traditional presentation of gifts prior to giving out any of the supplies I brought. Turns out the island was involved in Father’s Day celebrations so we can’t meet with the chief until tomorrow morning.

I walked along the beach while Aisake took a nap. A group of kids followed along and helped look for interesting items in the surf and among the rocks at low tide. Really cute kids. I’ll post pictures to Facebook.

Kioa is a lovely, small island that depends almost entirely on fishing to exist. We spent day 2 giving out the fishing supplies to the victims of Hurricane Winston to help them recover their ability to fish. The 300+ residents of this small island are totally dependent upon fishing to make a living.

Thanks for making this ministry possible.