Fiji 2017 Thursday

It is after 11 p.m. on Thursday. Early this morning I flew the 45 minute over- the-ocean flight from Savusavu on the 2nd largest island in Fiji to Nausori on the 1st largest island. I then took a 40-minute cab ride into Suva, the capital.

Since my hotel room would not have been ready as early as it was, I stopped by the home of a pastor friend on the chance he might be there. I didn’t have his phone number because I don’t have the phone I normally use when I’m here.
Though he was at a funeral, his wife was there.

The family had been robbed recently and lost quite a bit due to a break in to their home while they were at church. This was an ongoing source of grief to the wife, who was not sleeping well as a result of the trauma involved. We had a chance to discuss the situation and to pray together for Jesus to bring her comfort and peace. When I have dinner with them tomorrow it will be interesting to find out how well she sleeps tonight. I believe this was one of those God appointments.

When I arrived at my hotel room, I took a very long, hot shower. Those who travel in areas where the luxury of hot water is not available will appreciate what that means.

I then called my long-time friend and ministry partner, Vuniani Nakauyaca to see if he was available to meet with me. I’ve known pastor Vuni since 2003 when I first began to come to Fiji. He is a phenomenal man of prayer who leads the Healing of the Land teams here. He invited me to have dinner at the HTL Center near Nausori this evening. Traffic has become so bad that the cab ride back out toward the airport took over 1½ hours. Then it was difficult to find the center in the rural darkness on the various dirt roads we were on. Thank God for a very patient and persistent cab driver and the extensive use of our cell phones to guide us to the right place.

Vuni, his son Sev and I had a lovely late dinner and then Vuni and I began to talk about some of the things we’ve done together over the years. Some dreams never grow old and never die. God gives a vision. We pursue it with all our hearts. We’re disappointed often, but don’t give up. Instead we tune our hearts to continue to hear what Jesus is saying to His church and what our part is in His strategies.

I have a copy of Vuni’s recently developed 5-year plan of ministry to reach every village in the nation. This includes the kind of community development I’ve been doing over the years. We discussed one particular aspect that has been on both our hearts from the very beginning of our time together—how to truly engage the local people and allow them to realize the fruits of their own labor. He and I will talk again prior to my departure on Saturday to flesh out a very practical idea.

God is so very good. He totally delights in seeing us delight ourselves in Him and His wisdom. We’ll see what comes of this other God appointment.

Thanks so very much for your prayers.