1st Report 2018 TuTP Huejotzingo VBS:

The neighborhood volcanoes

Joyce and I flew into Huejotzingo on Tuesday evening, July 10. Our flight took most of the day as we were routed through Monterrey for a layover before fling on to the Puebla International Airport, which is actually in Huejo about a 15 minute drive away from our center. It was the perfect flight. Totally non-eventful.

After a fairly good night of sleep we began shopping for items we need to help make our center more comfortable—some chairs, bedding, kitchen items, etc.

The center is located in a semi-rural area that is fairly rapidly becoming a village. Our compound is about ½ an acre in size. We have a cement block and chain link security fence around the perimeter. Some landscaping is already underway, but we went to an open-air flea market about a 45-minute drive away to pick up more plants. Those were planted immediately. I brought down a number of packets of seeds that are being planted today in the garden soil we also bought at the flea market.

The Flea Market was bigger than expected
Last night Rachel was up until almost 1 a.m. working on one of 5 posters that depict the theme of each day during the VBS. VBS starts on Monday, and we still have to replicate most of the drawings used during craft time.

Wow! This is big and impressive! Another visit may be needed. In the meantime…
Where are the plants in all this?
We so appreciate you and your prayers for Jesus to make Himself known to the kids who come. Pray that there will be a great turn out. Each year has seen an increase over the prior year. That is a real challenge as we may not have all the help from the congregation at Dios es Amor, the Church we partner with in this area. Some of the folks who have helped in the past are going to be out of town during the week. So also pray for replacement volunteers. It is good that Joyce speaks Spanish and so will be a real asset.

Thanks and Blessings!

Found the plants!