2018 Huejotzingo VBS Day 1

Monday, July 16 was the 1st day of our 2018 TUtP Huejotzingo VBS. We had 28 kids who showed up. I drove to the home of 5 of them to bring them as it is too far for them to walk and they always come each year.

The kids played a variety of fun games, memorized the daily Scripture passage, heard the story of Barnabas showing true love and generosity in donating the profits from the sale of his land, prayed, ate snacks and generally had a great time together.

For almost all of these kids, this is the only contact they have with Scripture. Some of these kids attend our Sunday kid’s club and so are gaining a good basic understanding of who Jesus is and what the Bible teaches. They share what they learn each day with their family at home.

We have fewer volunteer workers this year. It’s a fair distance from Dios es Amor, the congregation we cooperate with for our VBS.. So it can be difficult for folks to take the bus or drive here each day. Please pray for at least another 2 or 3 folks to come and help each day.

It’s 11:23 p.m. and we’re almost done with preparations for tomorrow. We need to prepare all the items for the various crafts, fix the snacks and prepare the posters we use to display the songs and the memory verses. This is routine each night of the VBS. Pray for our health and stamina. Pray for good sleep once we go to bed. I’ve had a bit of difficulty with sleep this trip. For one thing a local church begins to play rather loud music at 5;30 every morning in preparation for their 6 a.m. celebration of mass. I have noise cancelling earbuds to insert after the noise wakes me. But it is hard getting back to sleep and I find I can’t tolerate the earbuds an entire night as they become uncomfortable.

So appreciate your prayers and the many ways you enhance and bless the ministry of TUtP. You make it possible for these kids to participate in our various programs.

Thanks and Blessings!