Huejotzingo VBS Day 2

This is the end of the 2nd day of our 2018 TUtP Huejotzingo VBS. We had 34 kids today, a nice increase over the 1st day. Generally the numbers tend to increase each day as word spreads among the kids. The lack of helpers was more evident today. Those we have are great, but we could use at least 3 more.

The kids were very active today. Play time involved lots of water balloon games, which they absolutely love. Fortunately we had sets of balloons that can be filled in multiples, which saved a lot of time this morning. Unfortunately about 1/3 of them leaked out all their water before they could be used. Product design issues. Still, we had more than enough for everyone to get quite wet and thoroughly happy.

They sang songs, prayed, listened to the story of Saul telling how he was converted and how Barnabas helped him, ate yummy cracked snacks that looked like little doors (Barnabas opened doors for him to be accepted by the other Christians), and did multiple crafts while learning the verse of the day.

Pray for stamina, focus and for the presence of Jesus to be real to every child who comes. Pray for good health for everyone. Your prayers make a huge difference.

Thanks and Blessings!