2018 Huejotzingo VBS Day 3

The 3rd day of the 2018 TUtP Huejotzingo VBS is now in the books. Yesterday I said we had 38 kids in attendance. We actually had 34. But we increased to 38 today. I also mentioned that we really needed at least 2 or 3 more helpers. God answered your prayers by sending 3. Hooray!!

Because of all that we had had to do the previous afternoon and evening after VBS ended at 3 p.m. we were not able to do all of the shopping for today. So Abraham and I dropped Joyce and Rachel and the grandkids at the VBS venue and drove hurriedly into the outskirts of town to pick up the few things we needed. Short trips sometimes don’t work out to be as quick as one would hope. Two places we stopped at to buy glue didn’t have any. That meant going into the center of town (the sokolo).

I couldn’t find a place to park so I dropped Abraham off so I could search for a parking spot. Easier said than done. The 1st two places I pulled into turned out to be non-parking spots for regular cars. One was actually a cross walk, though it was not marked very well. Fortunately a car pulled out as I was circling the square. I parked and got out to go to the store where Abraham was supposed to be. He was no longer there. My phone had lost all power the night before and had not recharged, though it was plugged in and showing it was charging. So I had no phone and could not call him or be called by him. I finally spotted him as he located where I’d parked.

We had one more place to shop, but it was almost time for VBS to begin and I still had to pick up 5 kids. They are all in one family so all at one house. We were close to their location, so I dropped Abraham at the store, went to pick them up. Ten minutes later we were heading to the VBS location. We arrived just as VBS was beginning.

Most of the kids arrived a little late and were still outside registering, so we were O.K

It was another fun day with all of the usual activities. The kids were very enthusiastic. There was a great deal of laughter and commraderie, especially among the older kids. Everyone really enjoyed eating the snack of a blue jello sea with the cookie boat on top. We had more water balloons today as well. It was a bright, warm sunny day, so getting wet was really enjoyable.

After our late afternoon meal and some preparation for crafts for tomorrow I drove Joyce and the grandkids back to the TUtP Center and Abraham, Rachel and I headed for the Puebla Costco to pick up a number of additional items for the Center. Unfortunately the GPS wasn’t working right, so we missed a couple of turns and wound up in a location neither Abraham or Rachel recognized. We stopped at a gated business entrance and Abraham asked one of the drivers who was leaving for the day if he could give us directions. Better than that, it turns out he was going to pass Costco on his way home. All we had to do was follow him. Yes, in heavy going home traffic. Nonetheless, we managed to keep close enough to get there only about 45 minutes latter than we should have.

Thanks for your prayers and support.