Huejotzingo VBS Day 4

Teaching the kidsThe usual pattern continued today, the 4th day of the 2018 TUtP VBS in Huejotzingo, Mexico—we again had an increase in the number of participants with a total of 44. We also gained one more worker. Your prayers are definitely making a difference. Thank you so very much. Because of you the lives of these young people are being positively affected for the sake of Jesus.

What with one thing and another, I got to bed at 1 a.m. this morning, so was a bit miffed (gross understatement) when at 5:30 a.m. the local church, as per their pattern of announcing their 6 a.m. mass, loudly broadcast panpipe music of “The Sound of Silence” over their loud speakers. I immediately thought that silence would indeed be golden.

The morning was a bit hectic getting ready, eating a somewhat hurried breakfast, washing and hanging up clothes, packing the car, taking everyone and everything over to the venue and then picking up the 5 children I pick up each morning. I got back to the venue as most of the children were signing in. I realized I had inadvertently left my camera at the TUtP Center. I also learned we had not packed the computer, which was supposed to be with all the other items by the front door, but wasn’t. Hurried 10 minute drive to pick up both items. Got back pretty much when the computer had become essential. So all was well.

Using a wig for a beardI am always amazed at how much joy and fun the kids display. Also I am aware of all that Abraham and Rachel do, how very creative they are in planning games and crafts that add to the teaching of the day. We really have a very modest budget and very simple things to use. I brought down a number of wigs and a fur stole I bought at an estate sale. I get a lot of items for our mission at estate sales. The stole, which was gray and white, became a beard for Paul. One of the wigs became a beard for Timothy. Both looked great. Rachel, who played a wealthy lady from Antioch who told the story of how Paul and Barnabas had come to their city and stayed for a year and how the Judaizing Christians came and tried to make the Gentile believers become Jews, requiring Paul and Barnabas to return to Jerusalem to settle the issue. She wore some of the costume jewelry I brought down. She really looked impressive.

Tomorrow is closing day and we expect at least a few parents to attend the closing ceremony at 2:30. Appreciate your prayers that a good number of parents will attend. We had a record number of parents last year. We recap all the songs and stories the kids learned throughout the week. Again, this is the most Biblical presentation most of these parents will encounter.

It’s getting close to 11:30 p.m., so I’m in for an early bedtime compared to the rest of the week. Rachel and Abraham will be up to the wee hours preparing the certificates of completion and the final poster that depicts the story the kids will hear tomorrow. The five posters, one representing the story told each day, will be awarded to each of the kids who can say all five Scriptures which they learned during the week.